API Documentation

Integrate mclo.gs directly into your server panel, your hosting software or anything else. This platform was built for high performance automation and can easily be integrated into any existing software via our HTTP API.


POST https://api.mclo.gs/1/log application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Field Type Description
content string The raw log content as string. Maximum length is around 1MB, will be shortened if necessary.



        "success": true,
        "id": "8FlTowW",
        "url": "https://mclo.gs/8FlTowW"


        "success": false,
        "error": "Required POST argument 'content' is empty."


The API has currently a rate limit of 60 requests per minute per IP address. This is set to ensure the operability of this service. If you have any use case that requires a higher limit, feel free to contact us. This platform is pretty new and is still under heavy development, so if you have any suggestions, how we could improve our service, let us know. :)